What is shell launcher

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The kiosk mode application is "cmd. This is for a traditional. Net application, not a Universal Windows Application. I have found articles on SO already indicating how to do this, and I believe I have followed the breadcrumbs correctly, but I am getting a black screen whenever I boot the VM after running the script below:.

When I reboot and log in using any account admin or non-adminI get a non-interactive black screen i. Looks like you may have enable the Shell Launcher without Enabling the feature, or you enabled the feature, enabled the Shell Launcher, then disabled the feature. Try running the Powershell script:. Learn more. Why is Windows 10 Enterprise Shell Launcher giving a black screen?

Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed 2k times. Translate [System. Enabled When I run the script in Power Shell as an admineverything looks right see below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Active Oldest Votes. Disabling LUA is not recommended due to security reasons. More about it here docs.

what is shell launcher

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Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. The goal is to limit the possibilities for the user to only be able to use our Application. We start by installing the Embedded Shell Launcher from Programs and Features Even tried the commandline install as well.

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Then fetch the large powershell script - and modify it to use our own user and path for the application to start. If I uncomment this last disable and reboot - I get black screen right after login. So something is going on. Learn more. Asked 3 years, 3 months ago. Active 3 years, 2 months ago.

Windows shell

Viewed 7k times. We start by installing the Embedded Shell Launcher from Programs and Features Even tried the commandline install as well Then fetch the large powershell script - and modify it to use our own user and path for the application to start.


Shell Launcher license enabled is set to False This device doesn't have required license to use Shell Launcher So it seems that I do not have the licence required? Strange so it seems the script ends with disabling the hole lot again. But until now I haven't had success starting the Kiosk application.

Anybody having success with this tools? Help is much appriciated. Flemming Jensen Flemming Jensen 51 1 1 silver badge 8 8 bronze badges. What version of Windows 10 are you using? Shell Launcher requires Enterprise or Education. Not using one of those might be why you are getting a license warning.

Jan 6 '17 at Now reading through the second guide again I think that you are exactly correct This is the text: A single-use or kiosk device is easy to set up in Windows 10 for desktop editions Pro, Enterprise, and Education. For a kiosk device to run a Universal Windows app, use the assigned access feature. For a kiosk device Windows 10 Enterprise or Education to run a Classic Windows application, use Shell Launcher to set a custom user interface as the shell.

To return the device to the regular shell, see Sign out of assigned access.

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So is Enterprice really needed? But you could always do the trick of changing the shell in the registry to your exe. Otherwise there are third party products to do this.

I wanted to try and see if the Shell Launcher was more secure and so forth. Active Oldest Votes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name.The Windows shell is the graphical user interface for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Its readily identifiable elements consists of the desktop, the taskbar, the Start menu, the task switcher and the AutoPlay feature. On some versions of Windows, it also includes Flip 3D and the charms. However, the Windows shell also implements a shell namespace that enables computer programs running on Windows to access the computer's resources via the hierarchy of shell objects.

The Windows shell, as it is known today, is an evolution of what began with Windows 95released in It is intimately identified with File Explorera Windows component that can browse the whole shell namespace. Windows Desktop is a full-screen window rendered behind all other windows. It hosts the user's wallpaper and an array of computer icons representing:.

Windows taskbar is a toolbar -like element that by default, appears as a horizontal bar at the bottom of the desktop. It may be relocated to the top, left or right edges of the screen. Starting with Windows 98its size can be changed. The taskbar can be configured to stay on top of all applications or to collapse and hide when it is not used. Depending on the version of operating system installed, the following elements may appear on the taskbar respectively from left to right:.

Task switcher is a feature present in Windows 3. An alternative to this form of switching is using the mouse to click on a visible portion of an inactive window. This is particularly useful in video games that lock, restrict or alter mouse interactions for the purpose of the game. Starting with Windows Vista, Windows Desktop is included in the list and can be activated this way. When the user holds down the Alt key, Aero Flip causes only the contents of the selected window to be displayed.

The remaining windows are replaced with transparent glass-like sheets that give an impression where the inactive window is located. Windows 8. Windows 10 has a unified task switcher called Task Viewwhich manages not only application windows but virtual desktops as well. Flip 3D is a supplemental task switcher. It was introduced with Windows Vista and removed in Windows 8. Windows 8 added a bar containing a set of five shortcuts known as the "charms", invoked by moving the mouse cursor into the top or bottom right-hand corners of the screen, or by swiping from the right edge of a compatible touchpad or touch screen.

Windows 10 removed the charms and moved the commands associated with them into the system menu of each application. Starting with Windows 95, all versions of Windows feature a form of Start menuusually by this very same name.

Depending on the version of Windows, the menu features the following:. AutoPlay is a feature introduced in Windows XP that examines newly inserted removable media for content and displays a dialog containing options related to the type and content of that media. The possible choices are provided by installed software: it is thus not to be confused with the related AutoRun feature, configured by a file on the media itself, although AutoRun is selectable as an AutoPlay option when both are enabled.

File Explorer is a Windows component that can browse the shell namespace. In other words, it can browse disks, files and folder as a file manager would, but can also access Control Panel, dial-up network objects, and other elements introduced above.

In addition, the explorer. However, the task switcher, the charms, or AutoPlay operate even when all instances of the explorer. Initially called Windows Explorer, its name was changed to File Explorer beginning with Windows 8, although the program name remains explorer.The latest stable version 4. The latest version is also available on the FossHub. Versions 3. The fosshub archive also contains a complete set of old versions.

what is shell launcher

Make sure you download the right version. The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting. Save the file and attach it in a forum post that describes your problem. The tool will attempt to manually remove the Classic Shell software from your system. Use it in case you are having problems uninstalling using the conventional methods.

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It is designed to work even after a failed attempt to uninstall the software when some of the registry may be corrupted or some of the files may be missing. The tool will display the Windows start screen color palette. This is useful for people trying to create skins for Windows 8, 8.

Use this location to upload crash dumps or screenshots for troubleshooting: Media Fire FileDrop Important: Please enter a description for the file - who is it from and what is it for. Or post a message in the forums. Otherwise I have no way of knowing what to do with it.

Classic Shell: Downloads. Latest Stable Version 4. Older Versions Versions 4. Save system log The tool will collect information about your system to help with troubleshooting. For best results: Run the tool using the same account that is causing problems. Do not run as administrator.

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The tool may ask for administrative credentials if necessary. If you choose not to provide them, the tool will still work but will collect less information. Some of the collected information may be sensitive like what applications you have installed.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. Did this solve your problem?

Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. April 14, Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely.

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Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. ArthurValiant Created on December 21, This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question DaveM Replied on December 21, Independent Advisor. Hi Arthur That sedlauncher. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? This site in other languages x.You can use shell launcher to replace the default OS shell with a custom shell.

You can use any application or executable as your custom shell, such as a command window or a custom dedicated application. Shell launcher processes the Run and RunOnce registry keys before starting the custom shell, so your custom shell doesn't need to handle the automatic startup of other applications or services. Shell launcher also handles the behavior of the system when your custom shell exits.

You can configure the shell exit behavior if the default behavior does not meet your needs. A custom shell is launched with the same level of user rights as the account that is signed in. This means that a user with administrator rights can perform any system action that requires administrator rights, including launching other applications with administrator rights, while a user without administrator rights cannot.

If your shell application requires administrator rights and needs to be elevated, and User Account Control UAC is present on your device, you must disable UAC in order for shell launcher to launch the shell application. The default shell settings, DefaultReturnCodeAction and Shellare used when shell launcher is enabled but the security identifier SID of the user who is currently signed in does not match any custom defined shell launcher configurations.

Use the UserSettings settings to specify what custom shell and what default return code action to use for specific users or user groups. For information on how to view components and settings, see Configure Components and Settings in an Answer File. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Using Eshell. You can also configure shell launcher to launch different shell applications for different users or user groups. You cannot use shell launcher to launch a Microsoft Store app as a custom shell.

However, you can use the application launcher to launch a Microsoft Store app at startup. Important A custom shell is launched with the same level of user rights as the account that is signed in. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback?

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Skip Submit. Specifies the application or executable to use as the default custom shell.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Using Shell Launcher, you can configure a device that runs an application as the user interface, replacing the default shell explorer.

In Shell Launcher v1available in Windows 10, version and earlier, you can only specify a Windows desktop application as the replacement shell. In Shell Launcher v2available in the next feature update to Windows 10, you can also specify a UWP app as the replacement shell. It does not prevent the user from accessing other desktop applications and system components. Methods of controlling access to other desktop applications and system components can be used in addition to using the Shell Launcher.

These methods include, but are not limited to:. You can apply a custom shell through Shell Launcher by using PowerShell. In Windows 10, version and later, you can also use mobile device management MDM to apply a custom shell through Shell Launcher.

Shell Launcher v1 replaces explorer. Shell Launcher v2 replaces explorer. This new executable file can launch a Windows desktop application or a UWP app. In addition to allowing you to use a UWP app for your replacement shell, Shell Launcher v2 offers additional enhancements:. Shell Launcher doesn't support a custom shell with an application that launches a different process and exits.

For example, you cannot specify write. Shell Launcher launches a custom shell and monitors the process to identify when the custom shell exits. Because Shell Launcher is not aware of the newly created wordpad.

How to Setup Windows 10 in Kiosk Mode

A Windows application that is installed for that account. The app can be your own company application or a common app like Internet Explorer.

See the technical reference for the shell launcher component. To set a custom shell, you first turn on the Shell Launcher feature, and then you can set your custom shell as the default using PowerShell or MDM. For Shell Launcher v2you can use UWP app type for Shell by specifying the v2 namespace, and use v2:AppType to specify the type, as shown in the following example.

If v2:AppType is not specified, it implies the shell is Win32 app. When set to TrueShell Launcher will run every app in full screen, or maximized for desktop apps.

When this attribute is set to False or not set, only the custom shell app runs in full screen; other apps launched by the user will run in windowed mode. For the value, you can select data type String and paste the desired configuration file content into the value box. If you wish to upload the xml instead of pasting the content, choose data type String XML file. After you configure the profile containing the custom Shell Launcher setting, select All Devices or selected groups of devices to apply the profile to.

what is shell launcher

Don't assign the profile to users or user groups. For Shell Launcher v1, modify the following PowerShell script as appropriate. The comments in the sample script explain the purpose of each section and tell you where you will want to change the script for your purposes. Save your script with the extension. Shell launcher defines 4 actions to handle app exits, you can customize shell launcher and use these actions based on different exit code.

These action can be used as default action, or can be mapped to a specific exit code. To configure these action with Shell Launcher CSP, use below syntax in the shell launcher configuration xml. You can specify at most 4 custom actions mapping to 4 exit codes, and one default action for all other exit codes.

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