Factorio flamethrower blueprint

It's the last Friday ofand as such the last Friday Facts before the New year of We all hope everyone has had a greatand looking forward to a lot more automation fun to come in Albert has produced a postcard for you all to share to give the year a good send-off.

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Science in Factorio or more separately, technologies and science packs, are the main progression mechanisms in the game, and all entities are unlocked by it. This is great but it also means that when we change or add almost anything to the game, it will certainly have some impact on science.

Over time we have changed the technologies and science packs multiple times because their context and design goals moved and evolved with the game.

Before 0. The amount and price of these science packs also made the game significantly better paced and longer, meaning you have enough time in the game to appreciate the intermediate steps between upgrades, like for example, not ignoring Modular armor or Power armor Mk1.

During 0. Over time we have gathered a lot of experience through playing the game ourselves and feedback from reading your posts and comments about the technologies and science packs. Here are some of the issues we noted:.

Flamethrower ammo

Military science pack Gun turret in Military science pack is really expensive and the rest of the ingredients seem too small in contrast, which makes them feel redundant.

Science pack 3 Science pack 3 suddenly adds the most amount of complexity mainly oil mining, oil processing, setting up chemical plantsand a lot of extra resource requirements 4. Electric mining drill recipe in Science pack 3 has boring ingredients Iron plates, Iron gear wheel, Electronic circuits we use in multiple other places, and the Inserter in Science pack 2 is one of them. It is also the miner that raises the price of the science pack a lot.

Production science pack Production science pack has surprisingly few ingredients two for its expected higher tier. The step from Science pack 3 to Production science pack is minimal in complexity - use the simplest oil processing result Lubricant to upgrade Engines from Science pack 3, and produce more of the same Steel and Advanced circuits for Electric furnaces. For the first time you need a steady supply of Stone bricks, unless you have their smelting automated for Walls or for the handful of Oil refineries you needed earlier.

There are not that many unlocks that the Production science pack alone would actually give you. The interesting ones require High-tech science pack as well so in the end there is little choice as you simply need both anyway. High-tech science pack High-tech science pack is very expensive compared to the Production science pack. The step from Science pack 3 to High-tech science pack is moderate in complexity but huge in price crazy amount of Electronic circuits, Advanced circuits and smelting to support them.

Processing units in High-tech science pack are very expensive and the rest of the ingredients seems irrelevant and low tier. High-tech science pack needs Speed modules which have a much less interesting impact on the game than Productivity or even Efficiency modules. In short, Military pack could be nicer and cheaper, Science pack 3 is a huge difficulty spike, while Production vs.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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factorio flamethrower blueprint

Global Achievements. I haven't used them before, but they seem really powerful!

factorio flamethrower blueprint

When I built my new perimeter wall I installed regular flame thrower turrets. They run on next to NO fuel, which is really weird, but ok. Weird thing is though, they frequently spray fire diagonally, and hit my own turrets, and sometimes take out my own defences! So, I don't put flamethrower turrets on outward turns of my wall.

[Factorio] Tile-able Rail Line With Artillery & Flamethrowers

Easy fix, right? Why, do the flames damage my own wall?? Should I have less wall to shoot over? Showing 1 - 13 of 13 comments. Killcreek2 View Profile View Posts. Flambe turrets fire in a forward arc you should see a green overlay when you have a turret in hand. If you have other turrets inside that firing arc, they can be hit. I did something like that in the past, but it seemed to slow me down more than the bugs, so I stopped.

Now I jusy have 8 laser turrets, then two fire, and this repeats. All the flamethrowers are connected on one pipe, and astonishingly this works. I have blueprints, so I can easily expand the perimeter at a moment's notice. But are you sure the flames don't damage walls?In other languages:. Fire on the ground lasts 2 seconds. Area of effect size applies to igniting objects and contact damage.

Objects are ignited for 30 seconds. Flamethrower turrets work similarly to the flamethrowersetting enemies and the ground on fire and doing damage over time. Unlike gun and laser turrets, they have a limited firing arc, and should therefore be placed at choke points or behind walls.

They can use crude, heavy, or light oil as ammunition, which must be provided via a pipe connected to the turret. Flamethrower turrets gain a damage bonus depending on the type of oil supplied to them. This bonus is multiplicative, it stacks with the bonus damage from research. Unlike the laser and gun turrets, flamethrower turrets do not have a instantaneously hitting projectile, instead firing a stream of flame directly at where the target was at the time of firing.

This means that they have a tendency to miss the targeted biter in an attacking group, instead hitting the ones behind. Flamethrower turrets are very powerful because biters and spitters do not have fire resistance and the total damage dealt to ignited enemies is a guaranteed death sentence for almost anything in the game. An enemy unit is ignited if it is hit directly by a flame stream.

Flamethrower turrets will target the closest non ignited enemy and then once all enemies within range are ignited they will target the closest enemy. The bonus technologies and fuel damage bonus for the flamethrower turret improve the contact damage and damage dealt by fire on the ground. The bonus technologies also affect the damage dealt to ignited enemies, which lasts 30 seconds and deals damage per second without upgrades.

Flamethrower turrets create fire on the ground which lasts 2 seconds by default. If the turret keeps firing at that spot, the size of the fire increases, it will last up to 30 seconds and its damage is increased up to 6 times, depending on how long the turret keeps firing at that spot. From Official Factorio Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Recipe Privacy Terms. Skip to content.

Factorio Forums www. Quick links. The Wall of Gun Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks - Defense: killing biters as an art - Castles, Throne Rooms, Decorations comfortable living in the Factorio World - Main Bus Concepts - Modular Systems, Factory Streets, show how all works together - Megabases Please provide us with blueprints or saves, if that makes sense of course.

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Forum rules Clever and beautiful constructions, bigger than two chunks - Defense: killing biters as an art - Castles, Throne Rooms, Decorations comfortable living in the Factorio World - Main Bus Concepts - Modular Systems, Factory Streets, show how all works together - Megabases Please provide us with blueprints or saves, if that makes sense of course. My current save is an attempt to earn the Lazy Bastard, Raining Bullets, Logistic Network Embargo, and Steam All The Way achievements simultaneously; to do so, I needed to design a low maintenance, low power consumption, high output method of killing biters.

While accomplishing this task, I designed the type of wall that President Trump only wishes he could build in his dreams. I call it, The Wall of Gun. The design utilizes three Stages of Death. Stage one uses a double row of walls to prevent Bigger Biters from reaching over and attacking the gun turretsand two rows of gun turrets supplied by an ammo belt and inserters.

This is the base design, and a low-tech version is available for early game usage. Stage two uses a row of flamethrower turrets, supplied by a mostly underground pipeline. Stage three is a row of artillery turrets that deal with any nearby nests, and keep the area around your base clear of Biters. The Wall of Gun is designed in easy to use modules, with each component being a bit larger than one chunk. Each module includes a roboport and radar, to allow easy logistics and situational awareness, and comes with a version both with and without an added railway.

Modules include a straight section, a corner section, an inverse corner section, an entrance gate section, and the all-important ammo port section. It is crucial that one does not forget to place at least one ammo section and connect a source of ammo and fuel.

When utilized properly, the Wall of Gun can function indefinitely with little or no maintenance, and can even self repair if construction bots and logistics chests are used. Copy blueprint. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. With even more overly gratuitous amounts of death!!

The Wall of Gun v3. BP Book - Wall of Gun v3. Board index All times are UTC.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. Help - Should I be using flamethrower? Post all other topics which do not belong to any other category. Embrace your inner pyromaniac and become a devotee today! Thanks so much! Re: Help - Should I be using flamethrower? Since biters lack fire resistance they are pretty strong. Gun turrets already struggle with blue biters. Two gun turrets and one flamethrower are good for a long time, long enough to research lasers on deathworld.

Sometimes a biter gets to the wall and gets to chew on it. Flamethrowers have a minimum distance and a limited turn radius. Red ammo is barely acceptable.

Rocket launchers are meh. Flame tank is iffy.

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Tank machine gun is decent. Hand held flamethrowers are good. Flame turrets are very good. Cannon shells are great. Laser turrets are superb. Land mines are GOAT. But most importantly: Real men kill biters with trains. They are pre 1 rocket and I just rush past that stage so quickly. Since lasers are enough for late game defense I don't think flamethrowers are worth the extra effort.

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Recently I have been following a twitch streamer who is new to the game and he spends a lot of time in that halfway to rocket stage of the game and flamethrowers have been working great for him. They are very much recommended for any new player or any player who chooses to take it slow and not just brute force it with lasers. So some enemies can still come close the walls. That's why you need some regular turrets as support.

Their firing arc also makes them a bit iffy in corners. Uranium ammo is also very good. But most people just go for lasers. I still use them in Lategame, theyre strong, but not without Lasersupport.

factorio flamethrower blueprint

Or Uranium-filled Guntowers - theyre stronger than Lasers but lack a bit of Range and require pretty much a Bot Network to refill yes, you CAN do it with belts, but who does that at the Uranium Ammo stage? The Tank-mounted Flamethrower was pretty useless last time i tried it. They seem super tedious gold deluxe to setup by hand early on. I'd sooner build a long belt with red ammo for gun turrets.

It's pretty simple and quick and the payoff is definitely worth it. My only real complaint is that flame turrets expect to be fed across their length, rather than from the edge.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. Best wall defense setup? Don't know how to use a machine? Looking for efficient setups? Stuck in a mission? However, i dont know a good wall defence i could use against them.

How should i make an amazing wall defense? Re: Best wall defense setup? They can then be supplied by a train that runs round dropping off supplies loaded at the main base. Want to know where the biters chewing your power plant have come from?? Wondering where your next iron is going to come from??

You need Long Range Radar. Let me tell you about my walls Sir! This screenshot shows my walls, with me holding the blueprint in front of it. When using the blueprint, I overlap the flamethrower at the end to line things up.

The walls go all around my base. There is a combination of lasers, turrets and flamethrowers. The latter are spaced so that their flames overlap. There are two transporter belts, one for bullet-clips and other small stuff, the other to transport ores to my storages.

There is a bullet-chest in between the turrets. The purple inserter is connected to that chest with a red wire and stops after taking 30 clips from the belt. A green wire is running from pole to pole and connects to each bullet-chest and also to the feeder of the clips. Top right, red inserter.

It makes sure all chests combined have a certain amount of clips. Clips that weren't picked up from the belt go a full round and are put back in the storage chest, ready to be distributed when necessary. Nothing gets through these defenses. They do require some repair every now and then though. Hope that helps. If I can figure out how to post a blueprint, I will. Last edited by Bushdoctor on Sat Nov 12, pm, edited 1 time in total. After my third start in Factorio with a big factory after 20 hours of gameplay, I was curious about other defensive designs because I like the sort of castle-builder feeling.

Well, there are some, but not a lot of wall designs out there after googling, thus I found this thread. I wanted to have this "heavily guarded thick border" feeling, so I put some aesthetical effort into my two designs.

The one chest in the designs is a requester chest for piercing rounds ammo. The range of the laser turrets barely overlap from one post to the other one.In other languages:. It can be used to provide a small area of remote vision on the map; it also allows periodic scanning of distant chunks around it. The Radar has a high power demand kW so a radar indirectly contributes to pollution when powered by boilers and steam engines. A radar can be continuously powered by eight solar panels and six accumulators.

Flamethrower (research)

The radar will be attacked by enemies that come within very close range, like turrets, due to its status as a military building, but will not attract biters from long range like polluting structures do. The radar will show enemy lifeforms and structures, as well as trainscarsand other players in the scanned area. This nearby area is updated as a single pulse approximately every second.

At reduced power levels, this nearby pulse scan will take longer, which can lead to 'blinking' on the player's map similar to the long range scan. This is particularly noticeable at dawn and dusk on solar powered radar stations.

The Radar charts one distant chunk every time the sector scanning progress bar fills. This will take Mouse-over or click-open the radar details to see this progress bar. Long range scanning is visible on the map as a single chunk lighting up for several seconds, then slowly darkening. It is possible that a new alien nest will appear in a previously scanned chunk; just because you don't see it on the map, doesn't mean it is not there.

Radars grant sight of a square area around them, which is displayed brighter than the rest of the map. This allows the player to zoom into the normal world view from the map and makes interaction with blueprints and deconstruction planners possible. If a chunk is scanned by a radar or player, the image of that chunk that is copied into the map of the players of this surface force every force has its own map.

If the contents of a chunk changes between two ticks, the content of that chunk is "charted" into the map. The map is just a bitmap, a picture.

You can see the entities moving, you can see enemies walking. Every entity is represented by one or more pixels. Not every entity is drawn. Users can recognize what is drawn because of the color. Charting of several chunks that change each tick might have an impact on game performance, manifesting in the form of lowered UPS or FPS. Once a scan for a chunk is triggered, it keeps actively charted for 10 seconds. This effect can also be seen in the map of the chunk highlighted and dims within 10 seconds to a greyed out version of the chunk.

If charting is not repeated within the 10 seconds, the charting process stops for this chunk after 10 seconds and is not longer updated. What you see after that time is the last charted picture for that chunk also called "fog of war". Even in the fog of war you can see the last charted position of vehicles.


Trains last positions are not charted, because they normally always move after the charting stops. The World Generator creates a "border" of invisible chunks around each chunk, that becomes active at some time. Active chunks are those that become charted or those that are active because the pollution spreads onto them.

From Official Factorio Wiki.

factorio flamethrower blueprint

Jump to: navigationsearch. Recipe 0. Combat items. Firearm magazine Piercing rounds magazine Uranium rounds magazine Shotgun shells Piercing shotgun shells Cannon shell Explosive cannon shell Uranium cannon shell Explosive uranium cannon shell Artillery shell Rocket Explosive rocket Atomic bomb Flamethrower ammo.

Grenade Cluster grenade Poison capsule Slowdown capsule Defender capsule Distractor capsule Destroyer capsule Discharge defense remote Artillery targeting remote. Logistics Production Intermediate products Technology.

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